Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you

Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you

Some plants give us food some flowers and some medicines. The most common medicinal plant that we find in most homes since ancient times is tulsi. This plant is grown for medicinal or religious purposes. We are going to answer some basic questions about the tulsi plant, so join us live to learn all about this plant.

Tune in to our YouTube channel this Saturday 22nd October at 4 pm with Miss Tanvi Chauhan who will be joining us to answer the questions. She’s an Agriculture graduate and has a lovely home garden. You can follow her and learn more about different plants on her Instagram page “organicvibes4you”

Questions to be covered:

  1. how to grow tulsi plant at home from seeds
  2. how to grow tulsi plant at home
  3. how to grow tulsi plant fast 
  4. how to take care of tulsi plant
  5. when to buy tulsi plant for home

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Tanvi and her love for Tulsi: 

“Welcome to the Gardening Talks featuring organicvibes4you. Today we have with us some frequently asked questions about Tulsi plant, it is a very common plant found in most households in India. So, to answer them for us we have Miss Tanvi Chauhan. So Tanvi, how are you?” Asked Zehra. “Hello everyone, I am doing well. Thank you the Affordable Organic Store and Taos for this session.” Said Tanvi. 

“So, Tanvi is an Agriculture student, and knowing her further we also get to know she has a beautiful balcony garden in her house. So before we start the questions, Tanvi would like to tell us a little about yourself?” Asked Zehra.

“Hello everyone my name is Tanvi I am a student of agriculture. I like to grow plants in my balcony because I feel connected to the plants that I grow.” Said Tanvi.


1. “How to grow Tulsi plant at home from seeds?” Asked Zehra. 

“Tulsi is an easy-growing plant. As you have witnessed, in India in many households Tulsi brand is grown because it is a spiritual plant Tulsi plant. It is also used as an herb and therefore it is an easy process to grow. You can grow the Tulsi plant with the help of two methods. You can either grow the Tulsi plant from the seeds of the Tulsi plant that you have in your house or you can also buy the seeds from the nearby nursery to grow the plant. 

So growing Tulsi from seeds is easy, we need to keep in mind that the seeds of the Tulsi plant should be dry, and then scrape the seeds and sow the seeds in a pot. The post should be around 10-12 inches as the roots of the Tulsi plant grows fast.  The drainage holes of the pot should be kept in mind as there must be proper drainage of the water. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil and cover the seeds with the soil, and you will witness the growth in 5-10 days. So you need to keep this in mind while watering the Tulsi plants as the Tulsi plant is like a moist environment but not the soggy one. So you should water it with proper care. You should also keep in mind, the type and the amount of fertilizers that you provide to the plant. I usually use Garden soil and provide my Tulsi plant with cow dung compost as fertilizers. So for growing a bushy Tulsi plant, you can sprinkle the seeds around all the corners of the pot.” Said Tanvi.


2. “How to grow Tulsi plant at home without seeds?” Asked Zehra. 

“To grow a Tulsi plant without seed, you can purchase the plant from the plant nursery. You need to keep in mind while buying the plan that the leaves are not infected by pests or any diseases. After checking and bringing the plant, pot it in garden soil and add compost for nutrients of the plant, keep in mind to use organic compost that is without chemicals. You have to keep in mind, the type and size of the pot and whether there are proper drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, for better air circulation. Rather than plastic pots you can use Clay/Earthen pots. Regarding the Tulsi plant, it is a sun lover. So you need to keep in mind to keep the plan in an area where the plant gets enough morning sunlight as the afternoon sunlight can be harsh for the plant. You have to keep in mind to properly what are the plant. As it is regarded in India that Tulsi plants should not be watered on Sunday (day off) because daily watering can make the soil soggy and can hamper plant growth. And this is how you can grow a healthy Tulsi plant at home.” Said Tanvi.


3. “How to grow Tulsi plant fast?” Asked Zehra.

“There are many things that can be used to grow the Tulsi plant fast. The important points are:

  1. Proper care of the plant is necessary. 
  2. Use vegetable compost as a fertilizer for the plant. I usually use Banana peel, so dry the banana peel and convert it into powder form for easy use. 
  3. Can use Epsom Salt, which provides chlorophyll to the plant for better growth. 

You have to keep in mind that, at times the Tulsi plant grows upward only so to make it grow from the side branches you have to prune the plant and pluck the top leaves.” Said Tanvi. 


4. “How to take care of the Tulsi plant?” Asked Zehra.

“The Tulsi plant does require special care. The important points to keep in mind are:

  1. The temperature must be proper to grow a plant and especially if it is grown at home. Especially, during winter most of the Tulsi plant dies due to cold weather, so most of the time Indian household people cover the Tulsi plant with a cloth to prevent the cold breeze to harm the plant.
  2. The wind flow should be proper.
  3. Tulsi plants should receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight in the morning sun. 

To keep the stable temperature of the plant, you can use dry leaves in mulching, it will prevent direct contact with the soil and soil will not dry.” Said Tanvi. 


5. “When to buy Tulsi plant for home?” Asked Zehra. 

“Usually in Indian households, you can grow Tulsi plant in all seasons, but the most preferable is during the spring season. During the rainy season, between July to September time is also good to grow the Tulsi plant. During the rainy season, the Tulsi plant which is grown from seeds grows better.” Said Tanvi. 


“Thank you, everyone, for being in this workshop. I hope you have enjoyed the session. Thank you, Tanvi for your valuable time and for sharing the tips and tricks with us. It was lovely to have you with us. Thank you all for joining the workshop.”