Top 10 Cheap Indoor Plants for beginners in India

Top 10 Cheap Indoor Plants for Beginners in India

Sometimes money becomes a major hindrance in our enthusiasm. Many of us want to plant the plants but as they are expensive and being beginner, we don’t purchase them. So here is a list of cheap as well as beginner-friendly plants.

1. Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily plant has sparkly leaves with white flowers that  add a layer of harmony and peace to your home. As per NASA, peace lily plant is perhaps  one of the best plant which is a wonderful air purifier. It is an easy to grow houseplant with low maintenance. Best to keep it in your restroom or at other shady places. You can buy it at affordable prices.

2. Calathea Burle Marx


Calathea byrle Marx has most attractive leaves and has a unique characteristic that it can fold its leaves in the night. It is also known as the fishbone prayer plant because of its color and pattern of leaves. It needs an average level of care and maintenance and an excellent houseplant at an affordable rate.

3. Philodendron

The philodendron is a beautiful plant that has striking leaves. It’s a low-maintenance plant and it could make a wonderful houseplant. The plant needs medium bright indirect light and thus makes it best suitable for planting indoor.

4. Green fern

Its an elegant addition to your indoor as it turns out to be a dense and has golden-green leaves. Green ferns act as a perfect air purifier and are easy to plant which makes them more suitable for planting indoors. It generally grows up to 1-3 feet and you can water it twice a week (overwatering may harm). You can purchase this plant at a very affordable rate.

5. Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

The dwarf fiddle leaf fig plant is a beautiful desktop plant with a height of 36-72 inches. It has wavy green leaves and low maintenance. It can be purchased at  around 80 – 90 rupees

6. Dendrobium Orchid Plant

Dendrobium orchids are one of the easiest orchid varieties to grow. One of the biggest advantages is that the Indian climate is very suitable to grow the Dendrobium orchid plant. These plants are considered beginners orchids. It makes for a beautiful flowering houseplant to decorate your tabletop.

7. Peperomia Plant

Peperomia plants have thick stems and fleshy leaves. It looks beautiful, is minimal to care and purifies the air. Peperomia plant needs moderate humidity and thus can easily be grown under fluorescent lights. It’s a perfect beauty to add to your balcony. Just water the plant once a week.

8. Echeveria mixed succulent plant

Echeveria mixed succulent indoor plant has thick fresh leaves with pointed leaves. It grows up to 12 inches. The suitable temperature for the plant is 65 F – 80 F.

9. ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant is referred to as the ZZ plant. It is a popular houseplant as it is immune to pests and diseases. It has shiny, waxy, oval–shaped leaves that shoot upwards and grows quickly. It’s a drought-tolerant plant with low maintenance and is budget-friendly.

10. Syngonium plant

The Syngonium plant has heart structure leaves with silver lines that go through the mid-riff of leaves. It’s a wonderful plant to décor your house. Generally, it grows up to 3 to 6 feet tall. You can buy it for just 69 rupees online.

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Happy Gardening!


    1. Niharika Malhotra

      Thank you for sharing this helpful list of affordable indoor plants for beginners in India. I’m excited to start my indoor garden with these budget-friendly options and bring nature indoors without breaking the bank

    2. Reyansh Gupta

      This blog post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been struggling with this issue and your tips and advice have provided much-needed clarity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

    3. Aman Gupta

      Thank you for this informative blog post! As a beginner in indoor gardening, I found your recommendations for cheap plants really helpful. Can’t wait to start my own indoor garden with these affordable options.

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