How to grow Aromatic flowers at home in India.

How to grow Aromatic flowers at home in India.

Best odor plants

After a long hectic working day, everyone just desires to reach home sooner and feel some freshness and as we all know the best and fresh fragrance can be only emitted through plants or flowers . Colorful flowers along with hypnotic fragrance why anyone does not wish to have in their garden. These fragrances also extracts and restore in the form of perfumes and many other fragrant items. But as we all organic is far better than these chemical based plants and also cultivating own plants gives different emotions, feelings and aesthetic appeal to you living space.

Here is the list of most fragrant flowers which you can grow at homes also -:

  1. Wisteria

Wisteria is the vine climber fragrant plant and the specialty of those plant is that it grows very fast. It can be 20 meters in length and 10 meters in breadth. The colors of the flowers have different variety such as purple, pink and also white color. The scientific name of is wisteria only. The circumstances under which wisteria can be grown is that • Mix well drained soil with peat moss • Make sure you choose sufficient space because it’s hard to remove the plant after it’s entire growth • The plant grows very fast, so there should be discreet maintenance and for straight growth, try avoid unnecessary stems and let the plant focus only main stem. • Try to avoid grow plants with the help of seeds because it may take several years to grow and bloom flowers. • The should be balanced fertilizer process. • Don’t over water the plants.

2. Lily of valley -:

Lily of valley us most enticing fragrance among all plants. It has bell shaped flowers and highly scented. The scientific name of the plant is convallaria majolis and the family to which it belongs is Asparagaceae family. It is very beautiful plant but you need take care of certain things before growing it to your garden. • Use amend soil along with compost or peat moss.. • The plant does not requires much sun light so try to grow beneath tree or near the location where maximum sunlight could be 2-3 hours only. • Give them water on regular basis because the flowers blossom beautiful and enormously under the moist soil.

3. Lavender -:

Unlike colors, different sizes, and solo amazing fragrance. Lavender is versatile plant and it is hard to find a single soul who does not like this amazing plant. Mostly, the flowers bloom during the season of summer but it also grow different time zone at different location . Some of the famous colors of the flowers are violet blue, rose, pale pink , white and yellow color. This plant grows under some conditions such as • The quality of the soil should be dry for better growth. • The temperature if the humidity should be low • And it needs full day sunlight, so try to grow up at suitable location where 5-6 hours if sunlight is possible. • Do not over water the plant, provide water when you feel it’s needed.

4. Gardenia -:

The gardenia, an amazing plant with pleasant smell. The scientific name of gardenia Is gardenia only and it belongs to Rubiaceae family . The genus was named by the great Carl Linnaeus and John Ellis after Dr. Alexander garden. Like other fragrant plants, it is also having different Varieties. To grow this plant all you need is • Rich soil and mixed with compost or peat moss. • The PH level should be between 5.0 to 6.0 . • Mostly the flowers blooms during spring so try to have shady location because 4-5 hours of sun light is enough. • But make sure to avoid strong mid day sun light.

5. Hyacinthus -:

The beautiful flowers of these plants bloom during the spring season. The scientific name of the is Hyacinthus only and it belongs to Asparagaceae family. The plant grow under some circumstances such as • Full day sunlight • Compost soil • Fertilizer • And try to remove unwanted

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