American Elephant Ear Bulb (1pc)


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American Elephant Ear Bulb is typically referred to as a type of bulbous plant known as Colocasia esculenta. It is commonly called the elephant ear due to the large, heart-shaped leaves that resemble the ears of an elephant. Try our American Elephant Ear bulb. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Number of bulbs in a packet – 1

  1. Difficulty Level – easy
  2. Plant Height – up to 8 feet
  3. Color – green
  4. Type – outdoor plant
  5. Feed – Vermicompost for nutrients every week, Seaweed once a month for greener leaves, and Epsom salt for better blooming once a month
  6. Watering – when the top layer of the soil feels dry
  7. Sunlight – full sunlight
  8. Germination Time – 3 – 8 weeks
  9. Suitable Temperature – 70°F – 85°F
  10. Season – spring – early summer
  11. Sowing – early june
  1. Plant the American Elephant Ear bulb in well-drained soil or Vermicompost in Cocopeat.
  2. Sow no more than 5 mm deep in well-drained soil in full sun.
  3. Cover with soil and lightly water in.
  4. At a depth of 5 mm, and spaced 10 – 15 cm apart in rows 45 – 60 cm apart. Water well and then stand the pot in a cool, shaded, frost-free place – a temperature of around 70°F – 85°F is ideal.
  5. Then moderately water the plant.
  6. Provide Cocopeat and spray with water using a spray gun spray bottle.
  7. Water the top about 2 inches of the soil is dry to the touch.
  8. Seeds will germinate anywhere from one month to a year. So, keep patience for the flower to bloom.
  9. Full, bright sunlight is needed at the time of germination.

Botanical name: Colocasia esculenta
american elephant ear bulb in hindi: kolokeshiya ka paudha (कोलोकेशिया का पौधा)
american elephant ear bulb in kannada: kolokasiya sasya (ಕೊಲೊಕಾಸಿಯಾ ಸಸ್ಯ)
american elephant ear bulb in tamil: kolokaciya alai (கொலோகாசியா ஆலை)
american elephant ear bulb in telugu: kolokasiya mokka (కోలోకాసియా మొక్క)
american elephant ear bulb in marathi: kolokeśiya vanaspati (कोलोकेशिया वनस्पती)
american elephant ear bulb in malayalam: kealeakkasiya ceti (കൊളോക്കാസിയ ചെടി)
Other names: Alocasia, colocasia


15 reviews for American Elephant Ear Bulb (1pc)

  1. Anika Agarwal

    The growth has been impressive

  2. Vihaan Iyer

    These sapling plant are looking beautiful on dinner table

  3. Megha Reddy

    These American elephant ear bulbs are blooming beautifully

  4. Prithvi Deshmukh

    Tropical foliage

  5. Nisha Rao

    they are looking pretty in my garden

  6. Sheetal Rakesh

    I got it delivered, they were amazing

  7. Aditya Singh

    Happy customer

  8. Shreya Ghosh

    Beautiful for decorations

  9. Maargali Chauhan

    Worth buying it

  10. Neisha Chauhan

    Must buy product

  11. Jigar Gupta

    In love with this product as it grew very well

  12. Haiza Rafi

    Loved the product

  13. elilarasan

    they look pretty in my balcony

  14. Aden D’souza

    Best quality product

  15. Shalu

    I am very satisfied. The American Elephant Ear Bulb seeds are of great quality

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