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Aparajita Blue Pea Seeds (5 Seeds)


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It is a beautiful blue coloured flower that grows in a creeper. You will find this plant in many Indian houses as it is used in poojas and prayers. It also grows wildly and needs little maintenance. Beautify your garden with beautiful Aparajita / Blue Pea / Clitoria Ternatea/ Butterfly pea flowers. Used for reducing inflammation, ulcer and to prevent fatigue, Aparajita Blue Pea flower has wide benefits. Also, check out our workshops for more details. 


Number of seeds in a packet – 5

  1. Difficulty Level- Easy
  2. Plant Height- 3-5 feet
  3. Color -Blue
  4. Type – Outdoor
  5. Feed – VermiCompost for nutrients every week, Seaweed once a month for greener leaves, and Epsom salt for better blooming once a month.
  6. Watering – Everyday
  7. Sunlight – Full sunlight with partial shade
  8. Germination Time – 2-3 weeks
  9. Flowering time – 12 weeks
  10. Suitable Temperature – 20°C – 30°C
  11. Season – Annual
  12. Sowing – Early Summers or late winters
  13. Harvesting – July – November
  1. Take a Seedling Tray and fill it with Cocopeat.
  2. Make ½ inch deep hole and put 1 seed in each hole.
  3. Fill the hole with Cocopeat and spray with water.
  4. Water alternate days in a week.
  5. Seeds will germinate within a week.
  6. Full sunlight with partial shade is needed.
  7. The time to flower is 12 weeks.
  1. Take a Medium Size Pot and add a Potting Mix.
  2. If planting in the soil add Neem Cake Powder, VermiCompost, and Seaweed.

Botanical name: Clitoria ternatea

aparajita blue pea seed in hindi: Koyola

aparajita blue pea seed in tamil: அபராஜித

aparajita blue pea seed in telugu:  Dintena ఆపారజిత

aparajita blue pea seed in kannada: ಅಪರಾಜಿತಾ

aparajita blue pea seed in bengali: অপর্ণ

aparajita blue pea seed in marathi: অপর্ণা

aparajita blue pea seed in malayalam: sangu pushpam

Other names: aprajit, Aprajita, Aparajita mixed, Aparajitha, Aparajita mixed seed, Aparjita double, Aprajita double Petal, Shankhpushpi, Apajita double, Aparajita mixeds, Aparajita mixed seeds, Aparijitha flowers, Aparijitha flowers white, aparjita, Aparjita, Apjita double, Aprajita, Aprajita seeds

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