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Top 10 plants to grow in the month of February

Top 10 plants to grow in the month of February


Gardening is something that lightens up our hearts as well as the soul. It’s the perfect thing to do during leisure and also you can grow organic eatable products without much endeavor. All you need is some sort of contrivances and a little bit of guidance. 

Here is the link for guidance to indulge in the gardening

Since the starting of 2020, we all are stuck in our homes and it has a deep impact on our lives. Work at home, feeling imprisoned, and plenty of leisure all these mixtures have made us feel anxious and depressed but gardening luckily is the therapy and natural cure with fruitful results. Coronavirus has a deep impact on our healthy lifestyle but if one should consider it in a positive direction then it can be proven as perfect exposure.

February, which is the second month of the year and it is also the last month for heavy winter. 

Renaissance month, also the love month where Valentine’s day is celebrated as a festival of love, the month to refrain from abhorrence, the month to bring positivity at home, the union of two seasons. 

The month where gardening is perfect and suitable, where the new seeds germinate. So, in this topic we will discuss which plants to grow in February.

Here are the top 10 plants to grow in February:

1.Eggplant -: 

Eggplant is the kind of vegetable which you can easily grow at home with proper guidance. There are multiple uses of eggplant such as you can cook different dishes with the help of unlike recipes. And also it has multiple benefits such as 

  • Helps indigestion
  • Improves bone health 
  • Improves heart health 
  • Increases brain function 

Eggplant is an easy plants to grow in February, at home, all you need is good soil and pest controllers, and compost. 

2.Dhania /Mirchi -: 

These two vegetables can not only be used as a vegetable but also as salad and it is highly recommended to use green chili instead of readymade chili. 

Dhania always helps to improve the taste of any dish with its pleasant odor. 

The benefits of having these two are very healthy because they help 

  • Improves health 
  • Helps to add taste and avoid readymade spices 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Improves eyesight

To grow these vegetables you need a pot, compost soil and proper care, and also 5-6 hrs of sunlight. These two also groups very rapidly. 

3.Tulsi -: 

Tulsi is a natural herb that is nothing less than honeydew, it is very easy to grow tulsi at home because all you need is few seeds, compost soil, and a medium-size pot, and proper sunlight. There are multiple benefits of having at home such as 

  • It creates a positive environment 
  • It helps to control the blood pressure 
  • Regular consumption leads to reducing the situation of anxiety and depression. 
  • It also helps for better sleep. 


It is the vegetables that can also be used as salad. The consumption of cauliflower is versatile and it is high in fiber. Grow cauliflower at home, you need a large size pot, compost soil, pest controller because cauliflower is very fragile and has a high peril of pests. Though you need to take care of it it has multiple benefits such as 

  • Improves health 
  • Improves brain cells
  • Boosts immune system 
  • It also helps in hormonal balance.

5.Spinach -: 

Spinach is a leafy vegetable that can also be used as salad and it has enrichment in vitamin K, vitamin A, iron. To grow it at home, you need moist soil so whenever you insert seeds, make sure to cover the mouth of the pot to lock the moisturize. The are multiple-use of spinach such as 

  • It improves eyesight 
  • Improves the functioning of RBC
  • Improves the digestion 
  • High in fiber 

6.Cucumber -: 

Cucumber is a fruit which is used in salad. It has a beat feature among all other fruits and it is a juicy fruit. Cucumbers are easy to grow because seeds can easily germinate within a week and which is high in fibers along with multiple uses such as 

  • It contains antioxidant 
  • Helps to keep the body hydrated 
  • Helps in weight loss 
  • Controls blood pressure 


It is a juicy vegetable that can be used as a vegetable to add to a dish or as a salad. You need the medium size of the pot along with a support stick because the plant may fall due to the heavyweight of tomatoes. Tomatoes are filled with vitamin C  vitamin K and many others. It also has multiple benefits such as 

  • Reduces heart diseases 
  • Cure for cancer 
  • Repair damaged cells 
  • Improves skin 

8.Daisy -: 

It is a flowering plant that is tiny but very beautiful. You can grow daisies at home to decorate the house and give aesthetics. Along with its beauty, it also has many other benefits such as 

  • It works as a blood purifier 
  • Helps in gain immunity 
  • Enlightenment of environment 
  • Creates positive energy 

9.Marigold -: 

Marigold is a flowering plant that you can easily grow at home with the availability of compost soil, pot, and pest controller. Mostly the yellow color of marigold is the favorite of each individual because of its color it has many benefits such as 

  • Helps to lower the inflammation 
  • Brighten up the dull environment 
  • Naturally, repel bugs 
  • Maintain decorum 

10.Mint -: 

It is a green leafy plant that is similar to coriander but its cold taste and unique fragrance make it special. Add some mint to your dish and it will enrich the taste. Along with taste it has many other benefits such as 

  • It helps to reduce breastfeeding pain 
  • Improve cold symptoms
  • Improves brain function 
  • Improves digestion

At last but not least all you need to gain some motivation and passion and eventually you will earn a sense of achievement. You can purchase seeds in front of the site with proper guidance.

Here is a link from which you can easily purchase the seeds for reasonable prices and some amazing other equipment that will help in gardening. 

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