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Chilli Long Green Seeds (20 seeds)

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Raw, fried, roasted in your tadkas, or added to curries, this little spice is not only delicious but also rich in so many vitamins. Chili Long Green comes with a pack of health benefits that almost seems unbelievable. Chilli has almost absolute zero calories. Try our Non-GMO Seeds. Also, check out our workshops for more details. 


Number of seeds in a packet – 10

  1. Difficulty Level-Easy
  2. Plant Height-Upto 60cm
  3. Type – Outdoor
  4. Feed – VermiCompost for nutrients every week, Seaweed once a month for greener leaves, and Epsom salt for better blooming once a month.
  5. Watering – Everyday
  6. Sunlight – Full sunlight 
  7. Germination Time – 1 week
  8. Repotting Time- 2 weeks 
  9. Flowering Time – 80 days
  10. Fruiting Time – 100-120 days
  11. Harvesting time – 15 weeks
  12. Suitable Temperature – 22°C – 25°C
  13. Season – Annual 
  14. Sowing – March
  1. Take a Seedling Tray and fill it with Cocopeat.
  2. Make a hole of double the size of the seed.
  3. Fill the hole with Cocopeat and spray with water using a spray gun or spray bottle.
  4. Keep the soil moist not soggy.
  5. Seeds will germinate within a week.
  6. Re-pot the sapling to a Medium Size Pot in 2 weeks.
  7. Full sunlight is needed.
  8. The time to harvest is 15 weeks.
  1. Take a Medium Size Pot and add a Potting Mix.
  2. If planting in the soil adds Neem Cake Powder, VermiCompost, and Seaweed.

Botanical name: Capsicum annuum

chilli long green seed in hindi: Lambee Hari Mirch/ Chilly (लंबी हरी मिर्च)

chilli long green seed in tamil: Nīṇṭa paccai miḷakāy (நீண்ட பச்சை மிளகாய்)

chilli long green seed in telugu: Poḍavaina paccimirci (పొడవైన పచ్చిమిర్చి) 

chilli long green seed in kannada: Udda hasiru meṇasinakāyi (ಉದ್ದ ಹಸಿರು ಮೆಣಸಿನಕಾಯಿ) 

chilli long green seed in bengali: Lambā sabuja marica (লম্বা সবুজ মরিচ)

chilli long green seed in marathi: Lāmba hiravī miracī (लांब हिरवी मिरची)

chilli long green seed in malayalam: nīḷamuḷḷa muḷak (നീളമുള്ള മുളക്)

Other names: Chilly, chili, chillies

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    Very happy with the results 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. manju

    good germination

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