Flower Seeds

Select from more than 100 varieties of handpicked open pollinated desi (naatu, naati) flower seeds ranging from Lotus seeds, Marigold Flower Seeds, Adenium seed, Lilly bulbs, Rose seeds, Zinnia seeds, Petunia seeds, Sunflower seeds, chrysanthemum and many more bulbs and planter pots. Our flower seeds are selected from the finest plants and have a high germination rate. For beginners, try easy to grow flowers like marigold, lotus, nasturtium, morning glory, zinnia and dahlia, aparajita, parijat. Flower seeds give the best germination in coco peat and seedling trays. All the flower seeds have the sowing season and difficulty mentioned in the description. Free shipping above Rs 150.

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  • Sale! Rajnigandha Bulbs
  • Sale! Purple Coloured aromatic Lavender Herb
  • Light pink coloured beautiful lotus flower with giant green leaves
  • Tiny pink flower with star shaped leaves
  • Brightly colored daisy like flower in a green garden
  • Charming Flower of pink and white shades
  • Tiny white colored star shaped Parjit Harsingar flowers
  • Bright Coloured flowers covered with dense green leaves
  • Beautiful Pink colored flower with green leaves
  • Sale! Beautiful blue coloured pea flower
  • SunFlower Tall Seeds
  • Daisy Seeds Mixed
  • Red and white colored flowers with curled petals
  • Blooming Flowers with white petals in greenery
  • Beautiful Orange colored French Marigold flowers in a garden
  • Bright red colored french marigold flower
  • Purple colored morning glory flower with water droplets
  • Sale! Multicolored Gladiolus Bulbs on a pink background.
  • Bright pink colored Mesembryanthemum flower with peculiar leaves
  • Flower of pink and white shades of petals with dark green leaves
  • Bright Orange Coloured Venidium Flower on a light green background
  • Deep red colored hibiscus flower
  • Showy bright daisy like flowers with hues of orange
  • Light pink colored Carnation flower with dark green leaves
  • Green colored cactus like plants
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